Distracted driving is a dangerous and common occurrence on today’s roadways. Cell phones and texting are part of the problem, but any activity that diverts attention from driving presents a risk. With roadway fatalities increasing, the Travelers Institute® Every Second Matters initiative recognizes that every driver, passenger and pedestrian has a role to play in changing social norms around distraction. Help drive change by speaking up, setting an example and empowering others to drive and walk present.

Every Second Matters

A conversation starter on reducing distracted driving risk

With its Every Second MattersSM distracted driving initiative, the Travelers Institute is challenging all drivers to set positive examples and help change attitudes about what is socially acceptable behind the wheel. This guide offers a snapshot of roadway distraction and the rise in traffic fatalities in recent years. Readers can use it as a conversation starter to empower friends and family to drive with fewer distractions.


What’s happening on our roads?
A deeper look at distraction.
Every Second Matters: Reaction times are critical
What you can do.


Distracted Driving Quiz

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Distracted Driving Statistics

A recent study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that manual-visual tasks associated with hand-held devices, such as reaching for the phone or dialing, increased the risk of getting into a crash by three times. The study also reported that even hands-free devices involve manual-visual tasks at least half the time, which is associated with a greater crash risk.

Are you fully aware of all the statistics behind distracted driving, whether those distractions are cognitive or visual? Read and share the infographic below with friends and family to see how much distracted driving puts you and others on the road at risk.